Ed Thompson considering presidential bid

I’ve known about this for a while, but the cat was just let out of the bag in an e-mail blast from a supporter of Thompson’s previous political campaigns. The news is exciting, but unfortunately the 9/11 Truthers got hold of it first.

For those who don’t know him, Ed Thompson is incredibly popular locally, in his state and within the Libertarian Party. He’s the brother of former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. He’s served in local office as a City Councilman and Mayor. He didn’t even run for City Council last time, but his townspeople wrote him in anyway — where he received all but three votes for the office. A really good documentary of his life is available at Netflix.

The e-mail confirms what I already knew:

Thompson discussed his potential run today on the Dynamic Duo radio show. If neither his brother Tommy Thompson nor fellow truth-seeker Ron Paul get the Republican nomination, Thompson said, “somebody will have to do it.”

I know Thompson well and know he isn’t involved with the 9/11 Truth movement. He’s going to have to distance himself from these folks (like Ron Paul is attempting to do) if he’s going to have a chance for the Libertarian Party nomination.

If Thompson runs an active campaign, my prediction is that he will easily win the LP nomination. If candidates like Ron Paul or Bill Richardson don’t win their respective nominations, Thompson could also set LP presidential voting records.