May Aaron Russo Rest In Peace

An old friend, Hollywood icon and warrior for freedom just passed away. Hollywood producer and former presidential candidate Aaron Russo had been battling cancer for years and it finally caught up with him. I just spoke with immediate family members and confirmed his passing.

Aaron accomplished many things in his life; I’ll merely highlight a few. As a musical producer and promoter, he brought Led Zeppelin to the United States and managed Bette Midler and the Manhattan Transfer. As a movie producer, he is perhaps most known for The Rose and Trading Places.

In politics, he starred in Mad as Hell and recently produced America: Freedom to Fascism. He also ran for Governor of Nevada on the GOP ticket and for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

In our last telephone conversation, Aaron told me he’d kick my butt if I didn’t do what I could to ensure Ron Paul is the next president of the United States. This was his style. While some have viewed his rough-appearing exterior in a negative manner, those of us who knew him realized what a Teddy Bear he truly was. For those who aren’t aware, Aaron has a long history with Congressman Paul.

My whiskered old cheeks haven’t seen a tear on them in quite some time; I can’t type any more right now. I’ll relay more information as the immediate family has time to deal with the situation.

If I had to guess the epitaph Aaron would prefer, it would be this: All your freedoms, all the time!