My writings have been published in a variety of print and online publications for years. Sometimes, I’ve had to tone my message down because I was representing some libertarian organization or political candidate. Other times, I’ve had to deal with the editorial guidelines of the publisher. Additionally, some of the websites for which I’ve ranted no longer exist and I can’t find many of the newspaper articles I’ve written (or have been written about me) using Google or Lexis/Nexis.

It’s time for me to carve out a permanent spot on the Internet where I can say what I want, the way I want – as well as permanently store some things I write or say in a public forum. This blog is a starting point for this project.

If you hit this page to learn more about me, a fairly complete and mostly accurate Wiki is located here. If you wish to contact me, simply e-mail stephen (at) gordonemail (dot) com.

Hopefully, you’ll get something out of GordonUnleashed. Enjoy!